Dos and Don’ts for Online Dating For Over 50 Couples On Dates

Regarless knowing it is a young cpuple on a date or over 50 dating, there are some tactics which really work to make online dating successful. Read this article to know some do’s and don’ts.


1. Most important thing is to be honest if you really want a serious relationship. But remember every truth doesn’t need to be revealed initially. By being honest I mean tell her if you smoke or drink or you play cards, or you’re all night at the club. If even don’t have high educational achievements or not a very good job, no matter just tell her. Be frank and tell her the truth even if you’re divorced.


2. Try being casual and your conversation must be a normal friendly chat so that you can know more about her.


3. Avoid using common openers and pick up lines as women usually hate these lines. She will disregard you immediately and would not even reply to your message.


4. Even if you have picked her up just because she looks very attractive in her picture and you can’t resist her, don’t praise her unnecessarily when you hardly know anything about her. What if her next words are: ‘I just uploaded this picture as my profile photo for fun. It’s not mine.’ If she says so, you will be speechless after the hard job of all you’re praising.


5. Don’t boast a lot about your achievements. Women don’t like men always talking about themselves. Ask her about her likes, dislikes and her passion. Talk for a long time about her passion so that she feels special.


6. Tell her about your mental approach for having a family. Ask her what she thinks how important it is to get married and have a family. Ask her about her ideal guy and what she expects from her man. When you will talk about this topic, she will also definitely ask you what king of a life partner you want. This will help you both to know each other and you both can make a better decision about your future together.


7. If you get to know from first chat that you both have many compatibilities and you make out that she is comfortable talking to you about many things, then you can ask her out for going out with you on a date.


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