Keeping Healthy in Your 50s With Regular Exercise

Exercise is very essential for your overall well-being as in spite of keeping you in good health, it will help reduce greatly the risk of certain diseases. Do not make excuses to yourself as how well you manage things will affect your health and the quality of your life. Getting into physical activities is not limited to any stage of age. In my opinion, it is not true that when you’re over 50, there’s nothing much you can do. Studies have proved that effects of aging can be slowed down. I do not want to refer about Botox but I am mentioning about exercising on a regular basis. This method will be useuful in improve our heart and respiratory function, lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, improve bone density, flexibility and muscle mass.


It’s also a well-known fact that exercise is the one and only method that works for keeping extra pounds off. Forget about those fad diets that let you lose weight for the first couple of months and then you gain the pounds all back when you start eating normal food again.


Did you know that when you exercise regularly, you decrease the likelihood of bone loss as you get older? A recent study shows that women who did seated exercises for 30 minutes, 3 times a week for 3 years increased their bone mineral by 2.29%. If you’re just starting to exercise, don’t worry because it’s never too late. You need to start slowly though and make sure you talk to your physician what kind of activities will suit you best. No matter how much you are in a hurry to do your workout routine, don’t skip your warm up session. Warming up eases the tension in your body and prepares it for your main exercise. It is always advisable to do some stretching exercises before jumping to strength and endurance activities.


You need aerobic and strengthening exercises. Aerobics can be in the form of walking, biking or swimming. Aerobics is the term used for activities that increase the overall activity of the heart and lungs for a sustained period. These activities enable the body to perform greater amount of work while using less effort. Strengthening exercises tone your body and helps you move with ease even if the activity is strenuous. When your muscles get stronger, you are less susceptible to arthritic problems.



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