Over 50 Dating – Baby Boomers Finding Love – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Meeting someone special for the second time round is easier than you think! The biggest difference between finding love in your 20’s and 30’s is experience! You are now in a great position, your adult tasks have been accomplished, career established, children have grown up and in many cases you have more time and disposable money for you! It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

If you are serious about finding love you need to take a strategic approach. Just as you would have a plan for any goal in life such as buying a house, career, weight loss or holiday. Take fate into your own hands and open the door, challenge yourself to find love by a given date.

Let me share with you top 10 strategies to finding love in your 50’s:

1. Get out and about! Break out of your comfort zone. You have wonderful friends, family, and career, it’s time to get out there! Meet new people, try new things, a new course, cooking classes and dancing are and excellent way to meet singles. Take some golf lessons or simply enjoy a coffee in a new cafe whilst reading the paper, you never know who’s path you may cross!

2. Network! Expand your wings. Let your friends and family know that you are dating. Have them introduce you to anyone that may be suitable.

3. Get back in touch! Look up an old friend you have lost touch with. A large portion of people in their 50’s rekindle romances and find love from their past.

4. Hire a professional! Professional matchmakers meet single men and women daily who are in the search for finding love for the second time round. A professional will do the work for you, find out what it is you are searching for in a person, run through compatibility tests based on values and lifestyles and most importantly offer you the advice and support you need.

5. Make new single friends! Having single friends in the same situation will give you healthy support. Host dinner parties and invite new people to join your group.

6. Be positive! Listen to your words, are you negative? Complaining that no one is good enough, and that everyone wants a younger man or woman will get you nowhere! Loose the cynicism, it is a huge turn off, you will be more attractive with a positive attitude.

7. Engage in light conversation. The intention of your date should be purely to having a nice time while getting to know a new person.

8. Prepare conversation starters. I always recommend 3 – 5 open ended questions about food, travel, favourite weekend escapes, and favourite outdoor activities. It is a great opportunity for you to establish whether there is intrigue or an interest in a second date.

9. The topic of children. Mention you children however don’t dwell on the subject, your date will lose interest. Remember your date is here getting to know you not your children.

10. The ex! Embrace the past relationship and move on, your second relationship will never compete with the first. Once you acknowledge the past have confidence in yourself in finding a new will happen sooner rather than later.

Most importantly have fun! You are in a great time in your life! Have balance between friends, family, time for you and of course finding new love! Learn to live in the moment. Be fulfilled by who you are now and remember, not everyone will be the love of your life, but it is likely you will make many wonderful friends along the way for your search for your companion. My most valuable advice is to never give up!

Samantha Jayne is dating Expert, Presenter and Matchmaker for exclusive matchmaking company for professional singles Blue Label Life. She has matched thousands of couples who have walked down the isle, is a guest speaker and presenter at seminars and events. To find the one you are looking for or to simply meet like-minded professionals visit http://www.bluelabellife.com.au

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